Departure & deposit


All rooms, bathrooms, and common areas will be checked once the students have left. If you have left your room, bathroom, and/or common area in an unacceptable state you will be held responsible and an invoice will be sent to your home address if your deposit does not cover the costs. If the cleaning company has to conduct major cleaning of your room, decalcify the bathroom, remove trash or other items, wash dirty dishes etc.,  you will be charged the direct costs (normally around 350 DKK per hour).

Remember to close all windows and lock the doors. If any damages happen such as broken windows or window frames because of open doors or windows, please note that it can cost you up to 3000 DKK to cover repair/damages.

Upon your departure put your key(s) and laundry card (if applicable) into an envelope. Make sure that your name, residence, and room number are clearly marked on the envelope, and place it in the inspector’s mailbox in your residence if you reside at Porcelænshaven, Kongens Tværvej, Nimbuskollegiet, or Holger Danskes Vej. Inspector’s mailboxes can be found near the student mailboxes or at the main entrance to each residence. If you stay at Tietgenkollegiet, please place the envelope containing your key in your own mailbox at the residence.

If you received a laundry card/tag (Tietgenkollegiet, Nimbuskolleget, and Porcelænshaven) please make sure you return this by putting it in the envelope with your keys.

You may choose to take home the bedding you have paid for. If you do not want it, please leave it in your room on your bed in the plastic bag provided by the inspector.

All students must leave their residences by noon on the last day of the contract.

If you would like an inspector to review your room when you leave, please make a request at the help desk category "Others" at least one week before departure. Please notice that the review only can be done on weekdays during office hours.


Your deposit will be returned to you as soon as possible, unless we need to deduct payment for incidents during your stay or in connection with your moving out. For instance:

•If all of your keys/key tags are not returned, you will be held responsible for the cost of the installment of a new lock, which will be between 300-3000 DKK depending on the residence.

•You will be held responsible for the cost of a new laundry card/tag if it is not returned.  

•Cleaning and removal of trash and other items in your room as described above.

•Damages having occurred during your stay such as broken windows, hole in the wall, burn marks, acid damages on water taps, etc. 

•Extra charges due to incidents during your stay.

•Missing or broken kitchen items and furniture. 

•At Tietgen dorm you will be charged for the use of laundry room, music room, printing facilities etc. 

•Bank fees will be covered by your deposit.  This includes tranfer fees caused by incorrect or incomplete bank information.

•Be aware that the currency rate can change from day to day. Please also notice that it may take up to 8 weeks to settle deposits.

Please ensure that you have filled out the form you have received and that you have sent it by email to as instructed in your pre-departure mail from the CBS Housing Department  to ensure a successful transfer.


CBS Academic Housing

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